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Save 4200 lives including your own!

It's not just the law, it's common sense. Wearing your seat belt increases your likelihood of survival in a serious accident by 90%! Nearly 60% of auto accidents involve drivers or passengers not wearing their seat belts. That's not to say that not wearing a seat belt increases the likelihood of an accident but it does say that you're more likely to come out breathing if you wear one when an accident happens.

I always wear my seat belt. Why? I was a 13 year old front seat passenger in a car driven by my 16 year old brother. My brother never wore his seat belt so I thought I'd be cool, too, and not wear mine for once. Crossing an intersection we were slammed by a drunk driver who smashed right into my door. My head broke through the passenger side window and then struck the windshield. My right cheek was gashed and a piece of glass cut into my left eye. I'm relieved to say that I fully recovered, eyesight intact, with small scars that stay with me today. But I learned my lesson and it has served me well.

So along with watching your weight, eating sensibly, getting enough sleep, not smoking, being sensible about alcohol and staying away from illicit drugs just buckle up!

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