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us? it's about you!

Holey Moley! Retirement? Why just the other day I was starting my first job, dating my sweetheart, moving into a new home. I settled down, got through some bumps along the way and here I am thinking about retirement. Did I save enough? Did I make the right choices? Have I planned wisely? Or was I asleep at the wheel?


Terror shouldn't be the first reaction when faced with such considerations. But no matter whether one is decades away from retirement, on its doorstep or fully retired it's important to know how to make the most of what is available to ensure a happy retirement.


KNOW THIS NOW is a clearinghouse for useful knowledge to navigate the retirement maze, help identify essential resources, access income and to draw upon assets in a tax-efficient way. Our focus is to minimize the anxiety of retirement income planning by providing easy-to-understand tools and information.


Robert L. Reiner manages the site, which is to say he selects the content and provides commentary. Rob is a Retirement Income Certified Professional (RICP®), approved by the American College of Financial Services to provide advice on retirement income planning strategies. He is a former 5-Star Morningstar Fund Manager and was named among the Top 100 Fund Managers in America by Barron's. He has worked for more than three decades as an investment manager, portfolio manager, securities analyst and pro bono investment adviser in New York and Tokyo, and holds advanced degrees in management and planning from the University of Southern California and Harvard University.


Services and resources at KNOW THIS NOW are provided free of charge. No commissions, fees or remuneration whatsoever are sought or accepted. Consult your financial advisor or investment professional if you require additional confirmation as to the appropriateness of advice offered here.  




This is an actual unretouched photograph of how most people approach retirement planning. They start off happily confident, eyes on the horizon and without a care in the world. They don't anticipate getting older, encountering financial setbacks or potential health issues. Forever young and forever resourceful, they assume there will be enough money in the future because there's almost enough for the present.


So these two happy travelers are looking ahead with optimism and excitement but without a clue that the wheel that should steer them to financial bliss isn't attached to anything! Like many people we know they think that being able to make the minimum payment on their credit card makes them solvent, that they deserve a nice vacation even if they can't afford one and that they'll start putting something away for the future... in the future.


The point isn't to lecture those who through no fault of their own have limited resources. The important thing is to understand what those resources are, how to manage them efficiently and how to set aside and invest funds for the future so that there is a future to enjoy. Read on.

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