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I often try to focus on the fact that while saving and investing for retirement is essential, being healthy enough to enjoy retirement is crucial. To that end please allow me to offer my opinion on health supplements.

You probably know someone who has decided to visit a naturopath or another practitioner of alternative remedies. I can't in good conscience refer to this as "alternative medicine" because the other term for it is "non-evidence-based medicine," suggesting that science is less credible.

I believe that prayer is powerful, that the placebo-effect has produced amazing results and that the healing properties of the body are astounding even when no treatment takes place. But for people who have disorders that are debilitating or life-threatening, a medical opinion and treatment are primary.

Please pick up the September 2016 issue of Consumer Reports to be certain that you're not ingesting a supplement that could seriously harm you. The 15 ingredients they mention can be found in so many "natural remedies" and include such common "treatments" as kava (linked to liver damage) and red yeast rice (intensifies statin side-effects and kidney disease). Here's a brief summary: Danger

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